Ida Ivanka

Ida Ivanka

The Birth Of An Idea II

Artist Ida started the first Birth Of An Idea in 2009. The artwork was finished in 2010. It was made in the student studios at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.
The piece contains approx. 450 cocoons and has a warm orange colour in the middle and grey in the background. The paints were from the New Masters Old Holland Palette series. As a child Ida played with cocoons and used pulverised orange bricks mixed with water. Interesting but orange was the first colour then too.


The Birth Of An Idea I


Silk Cocoons left by the butterflies and Old Holland New Masters Acrylics on Canvas


78x39inch, 2x1m


horizontally, vertically or floating on the ceiling


Private Art Collection, Notting Hill, London, UK