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Ida Ivanka



Paul Adams Huntington

12th May 1954 - 29th March 2024

“12th May, 2024: First Birthday without Paul!
Paul and I met at an art opening at Lisson Gallery in London on the 11th of May, 2011.
I feel such a gratitude that he has been part of my life for the past 13 years.

He was a Best friend, confidant, very respectful and respected person!
He was also an arts writer, muse, photographer, art dealer and arts patron.
He spent his whole life on Sydney Street, SW3 6PX, London, UK and was an important part of the arts scene.

The Birth of an Idea series was born in 2010 during my Chelsea College studies.

After we met in May 2011 for a year Paul and I were talking and writing about art.
In 2012 Paul initiated my first solo show with The Birth of an Idea series and his idea was to have the exhibition in Notting Hill, so as we were walking and passing by the Westbourne Grove Church, a show was agreed on thanks to Charlotte and Chris Thackery.

The show was hugely successful.
A video of this show you can view here:
Paul is to be seen in the 57th second.

All of these years I’ve commuted between New York and London, sometimes also Oslo in order to create art but also keep the friendship alive.
One of these times, it was in Winter 2015/2016 I got pneumonia and got a flight from New York to London. Paul treated me for almost 2 months with natural medicines and I healed. One day Paul stood there at the bedroom door with two canvases and said with a smile: “You’ve recovered. Time to create new series and beat The Birth of an Idea series”
So The Letter series was born.

Once we were returning from holidays, and while shopping for peaches ( his favorite fruit) I said that I will remember this holiday forever.
He said: “I don’t want to be just a memory”
And another time he said: “The way to deal with memories is to put new layers on top of them”

For more about Paul and his photography and his artistic contribution, visit the link below

I feel a purpose to keep Paul’s legacy and his spirit alive so
I would like to invite you to:

"Honouring Paul Huntington”

Art Exhibition

6th October - 7th November 2024
Preview: 8th October, 2024


Westbourne Grove Church ArtSpace, Notting Hill
London W11 2RW, United Kingdom
(Closest Tube Station: Notting Hill Gate)

Please RSVP to receive more details: