Ida Ivanka

Ida Ivanka

The Birth Of An Idea LXV

Media: Silk Cocoons left by the butterflies and Old Holland New Masters Acrylics on Canvas

Size: 100x50 inch, 2,5x1,3 m

Hanging: horizontally, vertically or floating on the ceiling

Location: Public Art Collection, San Francisco

This artwork is owned by a charity in San Francisco, which is transforming treatment areas in hospital to beautiful and creative heaven.
The artwork contains around 500 cocoons. 500 people were involved in the creating of the artwork and in the financial support for the organization as each cocoon has the name of the participant inscribed.
The colors are bright cadmium yellow (which symbolizes strength) in the middle and king’s blue (which symbolizes communication) in the background. And with 100 x 50 inch (2.50 x 1.25 m) size this will be the largest artwork from this series so far.Photo of the five golden cocoons.
Photo of the whole artwork in the artist studio in NYC


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